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About Leah D.

Over the years, Leah D has made a name for herself for her self-expression through luxury fashion and her exceptionally beautiful culinary creations. Whether she’s living her life as a socialite or spending hours in the kitchen as a killer cook, she always makes sure to keep it pretty. Having grown up with a dad who worked endless hours and a stay at home mom who always made sure family meals were served after the street lights came on, Leah definitely inherited some serious cooking skills. Leah has continually lived her life as an artist in its fullest form. She is an artist of many talents and skills. Since she was a young girl, she has always been interested in creating things, from sewing, to drawing, to painting. Her skills transitioned into a successful 13-year hairdressing career, filled with a variety of interesting and extremely successful clients. Having a busy career alongside trying to be the perfect housewife and hostess to her family and friends, Leah has found her deepest passion in the arts of food and hosting; pretty meals and pretty parties is where she thrives most. Using her uniquely artistic eye, Leah hopes to introduce the beauty in her world (and kitchen) into yours. Leah has created My Pretty Little Cookbook to share with you the beauty and insight to becoming the actual hostess with the mostest.

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