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15 Things you need to know before hosting Thanksgiving



Here I have curated a cheat sheet to help you manage your holiday dinner. By using these 15 tips you can guarantee a smooth & stress free event.

  1. Order your turkey in advance. Remember 1.5 pounds per person is a given. Yes you will always have leftovers but what is a thanksgiving with no left overs?

  2. Clean out your refrigerator a week early.

  3. Plan your menu two weeks early.

  4. Print and staple together each menu items photo and its recipe .

  5. Set the table a day or two early.

  6. Bake the desserts 2-3 days early. Did you know most desserts are actually better on the third day?

  7. Be sure you have all the correct utensils to cook your thanksgiving meal. Turkey baster, timers, thermometers, carving knife, etc.

  8. Make a seating chart and place cards.

  9. Prep most of your items the day before

  10. Have extra appetizers in case you run behind on time. This is very normal to happen.

  11. Give yourself 30 mins of down time before your guests arrive, this way you can breathe and destress.

  12. Have extra containers on hand for your guests to take leftovers home. You know everyone has dreamt of that second day turkey sandwich all year long right?!

  13. Ask your guests ahead for dietary restrictions and do accommodate them!

  14. If your guests offer help the day of, say yes.

  15. Show yourself gratitude, you are doing amazing.


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