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5 easy ways to drink more water

Water is so important to keep our bodies running and our minds sharp. Unfortunately, it's not something we all do as much as we should. I personally am super good at drinking a ton of water, and I always have been. I recently realized, though, that not everyone can do it so easily. A lot of people have trouble with hydration and for no real good reason other than that it's boring.

It’s so important, though! The benefits water has for our bodies is endless. Water keeps us hydrated, which increases our energy levels, keeps our organs working, keeps our skin moist and dewy, promotes healthy brain function to keep us mentally sharp and so much more. The more you drink water the more you excrete water, aka detox! Detoxing is so healthy, with the amount of chemicals and toxins our bodies come in contact with every day, things that you never really think of: lotions, perfumes, radiation, smog, metals. The list goes on. I think it's safe to say, it is a REALLY good idea to drink plenty of fluids to wash those toxins away. Let's face it, we cannot escape toxins entirely, but we can do a little something to lessen their effect on us. Something as simple as drinking more water. Here are five small but mighty ways that I have found to be most beneficial to helping me drink more water, more often. Cheers! (with water)

Use larger cups when around the house

By using a larger cup, you will subconsciously feel the need to finish the glass, no matter the size. So step it up and get a tall one. I have always loved the tall 24oz reusable Starbucks cups with lids.

Flavor your water

Adding fresh fruit, citrus, and or mint leaves is a very easy way to quench your thirst in a less boring way. Who doesn't love a yummy flavor? Every week, I fresh squeeze about 10-15 organic Meyer lemons into a squeeze bottle and refrigerate it for the week. This makes it super convenient to add fresh juice into my water and teas at any given moment. I am a lemon water Queen.

Do cardio

By adding a little cardio into your daily routine, you are giving your body the chance to recycle its fluids, flushing out the old. This simultaneously causes you to drink more water because...well, you are out of breath and your body is saying "hi, water please." You will feel super refreshed and automatically continue to drink water throughout the day. Cardio is also super healthy for your mind.

Put a water bottle in your bag

Ok, this is one that works so well! We all know the feeling of a heavy handbag and I can't say I know one person who enjoys that. By purposely putting a heavy FULL bottle of water in your bag, it will make you want to lighten the load. You absolutely will drink that water bottle in no time! I never leave the house without two things: water and chapstick 🥰

Drink sparkling water

Switch it up and add a little zazzle to your life. Bubbly water! I love sparkling water, it's so refreshing. This is a known method to help those anti-water people get some hydration. Pellegrino is my fav!

What are your water drinking tricks? I want to hear them!


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