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Why are my cookies flat?

I have received so many messages regarding cookies that have gone flat! The fact is, there are many reasons that this could happen to your next batch of cookies.

Cookies going flat can be caused by so many things. Like many. After you’ve read some of the possibilities, you might be able to spot where you have gone wrong. Don’t be ashamed of your flat cookies, though! We’ve all made a batch or two that hasn’t been 100% perfect. No shame in that game! You can still turn the cookies into something delicious and act like you meant it 😆 Maybe use them as cookie crumbles on another dessert? No one ever has to know.

Read on to figure out those flat cookies!

Inaccurate flour measurements

Ok, I know this seems obvious... you scoop your flour into the measuring cup, which means it’s a cup,right? Wrong! When measuring flour, you never want it packed too flat. Too much flour will cause your dough to have a cakey, unfinished texture while too little flour will cause your cookies to simply collapse. So, you ask, what is the right way to measure flour? Spoon it into your measuring cup! Take a spoon and simply spoon the flour into the cup until it's full, then use the back of a butter knife to scrape the top to remove the excess. Voila! You have the perfect amount of flour.

Wrong oven temperature

Now this is one I can truly relate to. The late night cookie craving hits, and you go to whip up a half batch of cookies. The oven isn't quite finished preheating, yet you put the cookies in anyway. Bad move! Always make sure the oven is preheated to the stated time in your recipe. With that said, the same applies to a too-hot oven. An oven that’s too hot will melt the butter right out of the cookie and there you have it, A BIG FLAT COOKIE!

Warm dough

I think this one is one of the top reasons for many of the flat cookies out there. Always chill your cookie dough. Chilling the dough solidifies the fat in the ingredients, and the longer the fats stay as a whole the more fluffy your cookie will be. Make sense? If your cookie dough is mixed up and your oven is preheating, and you leave the dough on the kitchen counter while you wait for the oven to heat...your cookie dough is now room temperature going into a hot oven. The dough is going to melt pretty fast as opposed to keeping its form longer throughout its baking time... so always remember to chill your dough for as long as directed in your recipe.

Wrong temperature ingredients

This one goes hand in hand with the previous "warm dough." The temperature doesn't apply just to the dough itself. The ingredients all should be room temperature. Not hot, not cold, room temp!

We don't want a cold egg and we certainly do not want a cooked egg. This is based on science. To get a fluffy airy cookie you need what?.... air! Cold ingredients have less air, and when you mix the ingredients together you are technically aerating it. When you aerate something that's already lacking air... say it with me...FLAT COOKIES.

Rack position

Always bake your cookies on the middle rack. By keeping the cookies in the middle, you are allowing the heat to evenly distribute throughout the oven; by doing that, you get a perfectly baked cookie from top to bottom. 🙌🏽

Hot cookie sheet

I highly recommend investing in two cookie sheets, or even more if you can. Most cookie recipes can make a couple dozen from just a single batch. Placing 12 cookies per sheet each time, you're setting yourself up for scooping a second batch onto a hot cookie sheet.


Either wait for the sheet to cool or use a second and swap out as you go. Hot cookie sheets cause the cookie to actually bake wrong, causing them to melt wider than necessary.

Hot melted butter

This is self explanatory... but I wanted it to have its own section. Never put warm or hot melted butter into your dough. Automatic FLAT COOKIE! If your recipe calls for melted butter, always allow it to cool completely before mixing with other ingredients.

And there you have it! Next time you whip up a batch of cookies, make sure you give some of these techniques a try.

Hopefully these tips can help bring your cookies back to life. Let me know what you have found to be your flat cookie causer! I want to know!


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